About Us

We believe that everyone can be empowered to understand their own health better.

Bodylabs enables your employees to learn more about their bodies based on their most important medical readings. They can actively manage their most important health parameters and find a sustainable lifestyle.


We have an amazing team working (all) around the world. From Bavaria and Berlin to Brazil - Working to change how we think about health.

Sebastian Dünnebeil

Founder & Managing Director - Product/Finance

Michael Theodossiou

Managing Director - Sales/Operations

Helmer Duken

Senior Medical Advisor

André Fedalto

Backend Developer

Ervin Hasko

Lead Data Scientist

Arthur Floriani Martins

App / Frontend Developer

Aurelia Schulte-Holierhoek

Operations, Nutrition & HR Lead

Mina Bachtiari

Working Student - Health Science

Andreas Lahr

Head of Sales

Dominik Gmeiner

UX / Product Designer

Silvana Wolf

Sport Science & Wellbeing

Angelina Wolf

Check-up Manager

Bas van Zeijl

Check-up Manager

Arsen Shehaj

Tech Manager

Lisa Maier

Working Student - Health Science


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