Better Body Insights

A body diagnostic to understand each factor keeping your body running, with tailored health journeys and services to keep you healthy for years to come.

Our vision is to proactively help you to become the best version of yourself.Starting with anonymous check-up measuring over 50 markers in under 18 minutes. Discovering your Body-age, where there could be room for improvement, and where to pay attention log term.

Learn in-app what measured values means and why they matter with a tailored prevention program structured on your own check-up results.

Heart measurements

Cardiovascular diseases are among the largest health risks in Germany. Measuring your blood pressure, blood flow and blood vessels help to recognize risks early on.


How do you move?

Everyday incorrect posture leads to back pain and tension for 30% of the population. Measuring mobility identifies possible incorrect postures and pinpoints targeted exercises to keep you moving.


Story of your blood

A couple drops are all we need to understand how to your body is performing and detect any factors which can lead to early-stage illnesses.


Body Composition

This shows the exact status quo of your body. Our bodies are mainly from muscles, fat, water and bone mass. Combined with your body proportions and circumferences, we can accurately calculate the health of your body composition.


Exhale information

The respiratory system supplies your circulation with oxygen day in and day out. With a control measurement of a few of breaths find out if your lungs are strained - and what to do if they are.


The BODYLABS App - Personal readings

Receive check-up results in-app with specific challenge suggestions to start your individual prevention program. Everything tailored to your body profile.

  • Book the check-up

    Easily book an appointment with the supplied registration code.

  • Preliminary information

    In-app questionnaires further personalize your Bodylabs prevention program.

  • True BODYAGE

    An indicator of your overall health based on your check-up results compared to the average of your age group.

  • Understand results

    Read descriptions of what each value means and why it is important in keeping you healthy.

  • Measures for improvement

    Receive and log tailored challenges to improve and maintain your health.

  • Track changes

    See how small actions build up making a big change. With each check monitor the changes you have made!

Anonymous Check-up Testimonials

We are happy to hear 95% of our customers would recommend BODYLABS to others. We may not know their name but here is what else participants have to say.

Our inner values: This is what BODYLABS stands for

Guaranteed anonymity

You can complete the BODYLABS check without revealing your identity. We do not store any personal data. You only tell us your birth year, gender, height and a (freely selectable, anonymous) nickname. If necessary, we will save a secret hash of your email so that you can reset your password in the app. Even if you are offered the BODYLABS health check by your employer or health insurance company - we never pass on personal data to clients.

Health experts in the background

All data is checked by experts. If values are not in the green range, we will send a push notification to your smartphone. In that case, you should see a doctor promptly to become better aware of what is happening with your health.

No advertising

BODYLABS is a paid service. We finance ourselves through the check-up fee. That's why we don't show any ads in the app. We strive to offer you challenges that are free of commercial interest and reflect the current state of scientific knowledge.

Power of understanding

We are empowering people to take charge of their lives. Whether it is their emotional or physical health - BODYLABS and our programs are tailored to your personal needs. We feel health information is the strongest tool for starting to change.